Own House Vs Rented House: Differences

Everyone has a desire to have their own home. However, due to their financial difficulties, many people find it very difficult to buy a house. We have two options for owning a house: build or buy. The type, place, and model of the home affect the construction and purchase price. Here, we mentioned the different types of habitats listed.

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Types of Houses

  • Single Family Houses
  • Multi Family Houses
  • Independent Houses
  • Apartments
  • Tiny Houses
  • Mobile Houses

Moreover, the location of the house also affects its price. It will cost more if it’s in a developing area or a large city.

Which is better Rent or Own a Home?

There is no clear answer as to which is better, whether it is buying or renting a house. Generally, this choice always depends on our family & financial situation. A rented house is best for in view of business activities, government employees who are frequently transferred and for employment needs. Own house is good for those who want to settle down in one place or have joint families.

Your specific scenario, including your goals, lifestyle, and financial condition, will determine the answer. Taking into account your income, savings, and way of life, you must compare the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Own House:

Having your own house is like an asset. As we have discussed, we can get a house by buying or building. Our personal home is comfortable to live in freedom and without paying any debt.

Merits and Demerits:

  • The personal house can also be income from renting it out to others. 
  • It costs a heavy amount to build or purchase a new house.
  • Before that owners must buy a suitable open place to build the home.
  • When you have a house, need to pay the house tax, water tax, electricity bill, etc..,
  • No pressure for monthly rent.
  • It will be always as our property and protects us until we sold to others
  • By providing the necessary documentation as assurance, we are able to get any house loan from banks and other private lenders.
  • Furthermore, we have to be responsible for its complete maintenance.

Renting a House:

Renting a house means taking out a home from others to live in for a temporary period. As we know, most of the people in cities, and metropolitan areas live on a rental basis. Migrated people mostly depend on rented houses. Due to the huge earnings, many people have started offering rental housing by building flats, duplexes, independent homes, single rooms, etc.

If you rent, you must leave when your lease expires. In the event that your landlord decides to sell the house, it also means you could have to relocate quickly. And significantly, they may simply raise the rent beyond your means.

Merits & Demerits:

  • In the case of a transfer, promotion, or for personal reasons, moving someplace is simple.
  • You must pay the rent monthly wise strictly on time.
  • House owners may increase your rent each time your lease is up for renewal.
  • You can expense for living only but not for the house
  • The rent of the house depends on the rooms, house model, and area.


Owning a home does not always equate to long-term wealth accumulation, and renting does not equate to monthly financial waste. Visit https://openplot.com/ for more details.

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